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Salisbury Vintage Rifle and Pistol Club Official Website

Membership Tel: 01722 239755 or email
COVID 19 Arrangements - The next range will be at Old Sarum on 24th April
You must notify the club in advance if you wish to attend a range. If you fail to do this and just turn up you will not be allowed entry to the range. To book your slot or if you have any queries please email See below re competitions.

Please note that during the current Covid 19 situation we will not be taking on any new members.
Range dates and competitions

Old Sarum
Saturday 30th January
S13 - U/L rifle O/H
S31 - spring air rifle rested
January 9th 2021 - 100M Short Siberia,
2 lanes, 2 markers, all day
L3 - Underlever
L4 - Military Rifle Mad Minute
Old Sarum
Friday 12th February
Saturday 27th February
 S10 -   military rifle rested
   S22 - .22" rifle O/H
  S29 - rested air pistol
February 20th - Short Siberia,
2 lanes, 2 markers, all day
L5 - .22 Rifle
L2 - Presidents Platter

Old Sarum
Wednesday 10th March

Saturday 27th March
S3 -   Trafalgar cup
  S12 - U/L rifle   rested
 S24 - .22" skirmisher

Old Sarum
Saturday 24th April
 S7 -   post vintage pistol
S14 U/L rifle   combined  
  S27 -  .22" mad minute   

Old Sarum
Saturday 8th May
 S1 -   musket O/H  
   S19 - open   Whitehead   
S32 - spring air rifle   O/H

Friday 21st May

Old Sarum
Saturday 12th June
 S8 -   open pistol    
 S18 - U/L   Blackhead  
  S20 -   .22" rifle old school
Old Sarum
Saturday 10th July
S30 - Rapid air pistol
S15 -   U/L rifle 2P    
  S25 -  .22" Whitehead  

Wednesday 21st July
Old Sarum
Saturday 7th August
 S5 -   Triangular trophy   
 S17 - U/L   Whitehead  
  S21 - .22" rifle rested

Friday 20th August
Old Sarum
Saturday 11th September
S4 -   Moody shield    
 S11 - military   rifle O/H    
    S28 - air pistol   O/H

Wednesday 1st  September

Old Sarum
Saturday 9th October
S6 -   single shot pistol  
 S26 -   .22" Blackhead
  S33 - free air rifle rested

Friday 22nd October
Old Sarum
Saturday 6th November
S16 -   U/L mad minute   
S23 -   .22" rifle combined  
S34 - free air rifle O/H

Wednesday 17th November

Old Sarum
Saturday 4th December
S2   Musket Mad Rush
SG2 Slug Shotgun
plus the usual Christmas fayre.
Important Notice - Guests
The club has introduced new rules regarding guest attendances at the various ranges where we shoot. Please follow these rules as they are designed to ensure that members take priority when attending our ranges. You can read the new rules by clicking here. Guests who do not hold a FAC or SC must complete the guest declaration that can be downloaded by clicking here or from the documents web page and send to
Bisley Ranges
All the bookings are for the full day. Morning and afternoon.  Starting at 9 A.M.  Bisley observes an hour quiet time in the middle of the day. Some people call this " Lunch ". We have two firing points, on some occasions we may have one in the morning and two in the afternoon. Each will have a bench and chair for those not shooting prone. Each firing point will have a marker. No butts!! :
Membership update
We currently have no membership places available. You must be over 18 to join and preference will be given to holders of FAC/CS. Please note that we do not accept membership enquiries  from anyone who just wants to shoot air weapons. If you are interested in joining the club please forward an application form to the membership secretary This can be downloaded from and we will add you to our waiting list.
Competitions and results for 2020
These can be viewed from the competitions page together with results for previous years. To view results for 2020 click here
Our Club
Salisbury Vintage Rifle and Pistol Club is a Home Office approved target shooting club. We shoot at a 25 metre outdoor range at the far end of Old Sarum airfield and Bisley.
We cater for enthusiasts of black powder,  small bore and vintage military rifles and other shooting disciplines including air weapons.
History of the club
The club was formed in the early 1970’s to allow collectors of Antique Firearms  the opportunity to shoot them. The club is Home Office approved for all Muzzle  Loading Rifles and  Pistols, Small Bore Rifles, Full Bore Rifles and is affiliated to the N.R.A. The  membership  covers an area from Bristol in the west to Basingstoke in the east as  well as the  Southampton and Salisbury area.
Over the years the club has  expanded the types  of firearms used and we now include everything from air  pistol/rifle through to  gallery rifles as well as those aforementioned. We hold  regular competitions to include all the classes of weapons that we are permitted  to shoot under our license.
Chairman:      Simon  07739 182209
Secretary:      Ian       0117 932 944
Membership:  Derek  07957 353738
Recomended Gunsmith
Clive Grisdale
For all your repairs to modern and antique firearms, barrel blacking, browning and restoration. FREE safety check and appraisal for club members on newly acquired second hand modern and antique guns.
Telephone 01980 610799

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